Saturday, 8 July 2017

Zombicide Black Plague - Chauncey

Time for another blog post I reckon. It appears my output has been bloody horrendous over the past couple of weeks, although that is from a quantity point of view rather than one of quality. Anyway, one of the models I've been working on is Chauncey from Zombicide Black Plague. A Cleese-ian looking knight. Not much really to say about this other than it's a bendy plastic model and had some pretty heavy mould lines which did fuck up the mail here and there. Always a problem with these kinds of models. I find the best way to tackle mould lines on this material is to slice away the heaviest and then give the whole model a quick lick of paint before trying to file away the lighter ones. The paint helps to reduce the amount of fuzz created by the file and the plastic files down much more cleanly. I reckon the paint particles help to act like a mild abrasive.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Red Box Games Njorn Hirdmen

It's been a little while since my last post but I wanted to wait until I'd finished this set of models completely before posting anything. As the title says it's more RBG stuff and long time followers and those with a good memory may notice that these are part of an ongoing commission. I've lost track of how many Njorn/Norse types I've painted as part of this job but even with these there are more still to come!

Anyway, onto the models which personally I don't think are RBGs best. They're multi-part models so come with separate heads and weapon hands. There are five different bodies and heads. I was initially a bit surprised at how flat the bodies were. I've kind of seen a bit of that in other models from RBG but these are very two dimensional looking. Once painted though it wasn't quite so obvious so that's good. I found the heads to be a poor fit on the bodies as well with some only really fitting anywhere close to comfortably on certain bodies. That kind of defeats the purpose of having separate heads. A couple needed trimming down before fitting them as well as they looked like they had a couple of extra vertebrae. All needed gap filling. I'm sure the short spears have a real world equivalent but I find them a little odd being so used to seeing models with longer weapons.

Griping aside, here are the models.

Like I say, I have more to do. There are another ten of these but with hand weapons instead and then some better quality characters. I'll have a bit of a change and do some other bits first though as the limited range of colours used on them can get a little dull after a few models.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Infinity stuff

My Infinity commission rolls on with more bits and pieces painted recently. There are the last couple of pieces for the Nomads faction, a pair of Gecko Squadron battlesuits.

They're pretty big models next to a regular human character and rather weighty too being all metal. A real wrist breaker after a long painting session. Had a couple of minor problems with these as a few parts were incorrectly packed. One of the legs was the wrong one for one of the models but I managed to fit it ok and fixed the join with putty. I did have to go to customer services though to get the correct set of small pilot's arms for the two gun model. The first of these ended up being a massive chore because I got sidetracked trying to also figure out how to video my painting. I could have eaten a bullet by the end of that week so wasn't looking forward to doing the second one. Oddly enough though it came together reasonably quickly in comparison. Lesson learned. When there's work to be done don't fuck about with other stuff.

All the remaining models are for Pan Oceania and consist of a set of Neoterra Bolts, a cosplay version (?) and Joan of Arc.


It was the usual gripe with some of these models. Too many parts, too much work to clean and assemble. The Neoterra Bolts come in 6 and 7 pieces depending on the exact model and as ever I was left wondering why. Still, not as bad as the Knights of Santiago that I was prepping the other week that come in at a silly 10 or 11 parts per figure. Even the Gecko battlesuits came in fewer pieces!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Liberators

A quick post to show my Stormcast Eternals Liberator Prime. Pretty much the same deal as the previous two models. Just two more Liberators to do and then I can move onto some heroes. The Lord Celestant on Dracoth from the boxed game is a very tempting candidate for post Liberator daubing. Although with the release of the AoS Skirmish rules the Lord Relictor would make a good addition and give me enough pieces for a small bare bones warband. Not to mention the other heroes I've got from the two Warhammer Quest games. Decisions, decisions!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Painting video tests

Just a quick post here. I've done a couple of test videos to see if my camera is suitable for painting videos. I always thought the standard lens I had wasn't capable of getting close enough to really show what I was doing but it seems it might be alright after all. I was planning to use a different lens to get in closer but it gave a very tight shot and was terribly unforgiving if I moved my hands (difficult to not do when painting).

These aren't tutorials, I just wanted to see if my set up worked. No audio on the first video as I was listening to music at the time (Voivod's remastered Killing Technology album for those interested).

I repositioned the camera a bit for the second video and in the first couple of minutes I mention a few points.

I think the hardest thing is getting everything in focus. My lenses don't have true auto focus so I'm still figuring out the best settings to use. Whilst not perfect I hope these are going some way towards showing how I paint. Any feedback would be appreciated before I start trying to do proper tutorials.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tsuba Miniatures RJW

I've been busy painting another batch of Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War models. It's pretty much just everything that was left in the range that needed painting so there's a mix of Russian and Japanese bits and pieces.

There's another nice little set of models to add flavour to the tabletop in the form of Russian looters.

And to add a bit of punch there's a pair of Russian Putilov field guns. One set up and firing and the other being maneuvered

The last few pieces are Japanese command. The soldier on the far right is a horse holder and has reigns in his hand. The two officers wearing samurai armour and sashimono I believe are more of a fantasy but good fun all the same.

Finally, and not part of the RJW range is a set of American Civil War civilians. Two farmers and a southern gent. I think this is just a one off set and not part of any larger planned range.

Check out Tsuba Miniatures blog, and currently all the models are available from Empress Miniatures.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ultramarine - RTB01 Sergeant

I managed to paint up another of my old plastic space marines. Not bad seeing as I only posted pics of the last one a month ago. I had a few different models prepped and ready to choose from and decided to go with the squad sergeant. Main reason was an excuse to have a stab at painting one of the bare heads. It's not the best bit of sculpting and even back in 1989 when I bought the RTB01 boxed set I thought the bare heads were a bit shit. That said, I do rather enjoy trying to do something with the less impressive models of old.

So, generally it's the same deal as the first model I painted although the head needed quite a bit of time to get right. The hair has no texture at all so I had to paint that all on. The bionic eye still looks a bit soft but there's not much I can do about that. The lens was tricky as it's just a hole and I wish I'd filled it before painting. Even after varnishing the model I went back to it and tweaked it and I think it looks alright now. I have seen some people improve these heads with putty or replace them entirely with better looking parts but I wanted to keep this real old school and not fuck about with things.

I'm not keen on the knife on the leg as it's not got a scabbard and looks a little odd just floating there but it was glued on with floods of liquid poly 25+ years ago and is utterly fused to the leg. I guess it's a reminder of my younger days. It's not the worst aesthetic choice I've seen though (look on Ebay for marines with arms up in the air and shit glued in all sorts of weird places). I was surprisingly sensible with my assembly of these originally.

I did briefly wonder about adding a back banner but with these intended for Space Hulk I decided that most marines would surely avoid something so cumbersome. 

Insignia on the shoulder was done the same way as the other marine. A couple of decals as a base and then over painted to look painted on. I decided to go with the sergeants cuff insignia from the 1989 space marine painting guide (the tactical arrow marking is from that same period). This was 'proper' freehand and took a couple of attempts to get right. 

I really liked the idea of adding kill markings to the bolter, either yellow stripes or a skull or something, but with the cuff insignia I thought it might look a bit much. I'll save that idea for another model.

Should I get any more models done I got a few more bases put together and painted. Just plastic sheet, strip and metal gauze. 

"It's alright Brother Marine, the xenos haven't been painted yet"